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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Child Crafted Super (Simple) Stocking Stuffers

Adelae Mints - 2011
Like homemade cards, I love homecrafted gifts.  Ok, I've not met many a gift I DON'T like, but,  gifts thoughtfully created by the hand of a loved one are always extra special treasures.  Luckily, Adelae shares my enthusiasm, and we work together to design and execute these little gifts of love.

This year, in addition to our other little projects, we wanted to again make customized mint boxes, and some lip gloss too.  They are so easy to make, fun to give, and are especially great for relatives who live far away - each time they grab their mints/lip gloss, they'll remember how much you love them!

Adelae Mints - 2010
Last year we remade TicTac labels, easy enough with scribbles on shipping labels. This year, Adelae can really draw and write, so even though the gift is the same, it has grown with her.  Plus, we found some mini Altoids with the letter A on each mint - perfect for a gift from Adelae!

1 tin of mints/gift
white mailing or packing labels
markers - permanent if your child can handle them!
clear packing tape
scrapbook paper
1 picture of your child/gift

First draw on the packing labels.  Make sure to tell your child that you'll be using pieces of her drawings separately to make the new labels.  Alternatively, encourage them to draw within each label individually, or separate the labels and re-stick them onto wax paper for the child to easily stay within label perimeter.  For the lip gloss labels, I liked the idea of featuring parts of her larger drawings that orginally spanned multiple labels.
While drawing is under way, peel the original labels off your lip gloss.  Then just select an interesting portion of the drawing and apply the new label. 
I also added a strip of labeling around the base with Adelae's name printed on it.  Once the labels are applied, snip a piece of clear packing tape and apply it on top to form a protective seal over the new labels created by your child.
For the mints, I asked Adelae write her the first letter of her name on each label.  She isn't quite able to squeeze her whole name on a little label - especially using a marker.
While Adelae printed her "A"s, I trimmed labels to cover the most of the top of the tin. Next, I cut out her "A"s and she placed them on the left side of the tin.
I wrote the "delae" of the "Adelae" and then we coated each lid with a strip of clear packing tape.  We COULD have stopped there, but these are "Adelae Mints" so we needed to add a happy little picture of our little miss!
Cut out your pictures and little rectangles of scrapbook paper to about the same size as the inside of your mint tin lid. Cut a piece of clear packing tape and lay it sticky side up on the table. Place your picture face down in the center of the tape, and then top it with the paper.  
Flip the tape coated picture over and place it inside of the lid. Trim to fit and add another layer of tape as needed, making sure not to cover the little dent in the lid that keeps the tin closed. 

They're personalized stocking stuffers, made with love!

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