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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Transfiguration on the Table Top

Peter on the "mountain" peak in awe of the dazzling brightness!

Jesus on the mountain peak
Stands along in glory blazing;
Let us, if we dare to speak,
Join the saints and angels praising.
(LSB #415, vs 1)

Itty Bitty Lutherans joined the church in celebrating Transfiguration Day today.  The last Sunday before Lent, worship was filled with many Alleluias!

In Sunday School the Itty Bittys learned about Jesus' Transfiguration with lots of color and movement.  Gathered around classroom work table, my little friends joined me on the "mountain top" as I climbed the table.  We even had a Peter!  Instead of James and John, we had Carlos, Corbin, Hannah and our special friend from Sweden, Melker, gathered around. 
Jesus showed himself to his friends in a way they'd never seen Him before!  Unfurling gold, white and shimmery silver ribbons, I continued, Jesus' clothes became white- whiter than Mommy can bleach them! Jesus' faced shined like the sun! Jesus was all sparkly and light!  We learned that the Swedish words for white and Jesus sound very similar, so little Melker could join along!  Peter had never seen anything so wonderful as bright and shiny Jesus in His glory.  He wanted to put up a tent and stay there with Him forever.  But Jesus had to come down from mountain and so did His friends.
We played with the bright streamers for a bit, then continued the story.  Later, Jesus glory was hidden again.  Wrapping the ribbons in black tulle, Jesus came down the mountain to die.  He went in the tomb and no one could see Him for three days.  Until Easter, again reveal the bright ribbon streamers. On Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead.  Jesus beat death for our sins and so we can stay with Him forever in heaven. 
We looked at a picture of Jesus in Glory with Moses and Elijah.  Click here to read the Transfiguration Day text.
Next, we did a little Transfiguration Day craft.  It was an idea I had not yet tested, so we experimented together.  Once it drys we'll know if it worked, so stay tuned! 
At home, I carefully let Peter play on the green mountain peak for a few minutes and reviewed the story with him.  Great fun, but unlike Peter in the Bible, my Pete was soon ready to come down!

This is God's beloved Son!
Law and prophets sing before Him,
First and Last and only One.
All creation shall adore Him!
(LSB 415 vs. 4)

Don't forget that Lent starts this Wednesday with Ash Wednesday with dinner and worship starting at 5:15.

P.S.  We were actually ready for church 10 minutes early this morning, so I painted Adelae's nails with some gold Transfiguration Day sparkles, and previewed the story with her.  All morning she did "spirit fingers" every time she heard the word Transfiguration.  Here they are also covered with cracker crumbs.  Silly fun! 

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