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Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Save Me, Lord!" Cried (Golf Ball) Peter!

Itty Bitty Lutherans continued with Bible stories about Jesus and His friends on a boat.  Last week we put our finger to our lips and made the Shhhh sound.  Shhhh, Jesus was sleeping.  Then the winds blew, Shhhhh!  The friends were afraid, "Don't you care if we die, Jesus?"   Jesus woke up.  Jesus told the winds, "Shhhh!"  The winds stopped.  Jesus did care!  He didn't want His friends, the disciples, to get hurt.  Later Jesus was hurt, He died, to save His friends.  Jesus died for us too.  Because Jesus died we are forgiven and get to live with Him forever in heaven!

This week we again find Jesus' friends, the disciples, out on a boat.  We told the story using a plastic jar of water, 2 ping pong balls, 1 golf ball, a Sharpie, and a toy boat.
Jesus' friends were out on a boat all day long.
Jesus was not out on the boat with His friends.  Jesus stayed on the shore. 
After a long day away from His disciples, Jesus walked out on the water to see His friends.  When you get in the swimming pool your feet sink to the bottom.  Jesus, truly God, walked right on top of the water! 
Peter wanted to walk out to Jesus.  Peter walked on the water too!
It was dark and the waves were high.  The wind was blowing, Shhhhh!  Peter was afraid!  He stopped trusting Jesus.  Take out 'happy ping-pong Peter' and replace him with 'worried golf ball Peter'.
Worried, Peter started to sink!  "Save me Jesus!" he cried.
Jesus did save Peter!  Once again Peter spoke more than he knew.  Jesus didn't only want to save Peter from sinking in the waves.  Jesus had come to save Peter by dieing on the cross for all of his sins.  Jesus helps us when we are afraid and worried too. Sometimes we don't trust Jesus as we should. Jesus died on the cross to save all people from the death deserved by our sin.  Thank you, Jesus, for saving Peter and for saving me!
All of the Itty Bitty Lutherans got to make and take home a set of ball puppets for retelling the story in the bathtub. 

Read the Biblical text for this story by clicking here! Remember, these aren't just stories - they are true stories about the same Jesus who is present with us, even now, in His Word and Sacrament!

WeLcOmE to our newest Itty Bitty, Carissa!  We can't wait for you to join our class little one!

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