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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Fresh Look at Family Vocations

Anyone who knows me - for say ten minutes or so - also knows that I love Issues Etc!  Issues is a thoughtful, challenging, decisively Lutheran radio program, and I make a point to tune in daily!  For a few years now I've enjoyed listening to their podcasts, but now Issues has an app and I can listen LIVE on my phone!  It's wonderful! 
I'm especially excited about Issues' new five part series, Family Vocations, featuring Dr. Gene Edward Veith and his daughter, Deaconess Mary Moerbe, discussing their new book by the same title.  Dr. Veith has written a number of works, all on fascinating topics, from the arts to classical education. 
We're often given, and maybe even seeking, an unobtainable formula for the perfect "Bible based" family, a magic a to-do list of the Law.  Flip those ideas completely upside down! 

Refreshing is word that comes to mind in describing Dr. Veith's work - all straight from the catechism, and more than Bible based - it's Christ based! Family vocations, those of husband, wife, father, mother, son, and daughter teach us how God works.  God, our real Father, provides.  He gives.  He loves.  These are Gospel statements!  Likewise our earthly husbands and fathers are images, albeit fallen images, of the Father - always giving, always pouring out in love. 

Think of our children!  Cute, yes, but fallen little buggers!  On their own, they are pitiful!  Children need constant cleaning and feeding, and we, as parents provide for them out of love.  We don't change diapers or prepare a healthy dinner because they've done something to deserve it.  Likewise, we deserve nothing from God apart from Christ, but are given everything from Him.  He washes us in the waters of our baptism and feeds us in His very body and blood in the Lord's Supper.

If you're over the tired self-help, perfect family potions, you'll enjoy listening to these podcasts!   I'll keep adding links here each week.  Download the Issues Etc App for your phone and you can listen in the car, while doing dishes, on a walk - whenever! 

Gotta love it when Issues sparkles the chrome on the green table!

Here are the links:

The new Issues Etc. App

Issues Etc. Podcast: Family Vocations, Part 1

Issues Etc. Podcast: Family Vocations, Part 2 (Marriage)

Issues Etc. Podcast: Family Vocations, Part 3 (Parenting)

Issues Etc. Podcast: Family Vocations, Part 4 (Children)

Family Vocations: God's Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood by Dr. Gene Edward Veith and Deaconess Mary Moerbe

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