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Friday, April 6, 2012

Passion Pictures

Growing up, my mom recalls spending holy Week matching socks. In a family of eight this must have been a daunting task - especially if she, along with her two sisters, really had to wear boys socks from the BR Bakers bargain box. All the socks must have looked the same! Earlier this week I too pulled out our mid-match sock box. We found mates for about half of the lonely socks.

I'll have to ask my grandma is there was any significance to matching socks during Holy Week. Maybe she just wanted to keep little hands, home from school, busy, out of trouble, and accomplishing a worthwhile task. With six children, could blame her? What mother hasn't faced babes, clinging, moping about, looking for something to do? Enter crayons, pencils and scrap paper. Draw!

During Holy Week, try inviting your children to draw a picture of Jesus on the cross. Children's artwork is a window into their mind and understanding. It is a launching pad for great conversations.

Children 18mos and younger can join in as you guide their crayon clad fist to scratch intersecting lines- a cross!

Pete's First Crosses - Good Friday '12  (14mos)

By age two, a child who has had practice can start to draw crosses more independently. Start by inviting them to draw a line, and then you can add the second intersecting line to form the cross.

By age three or four, children will be able to draw a cross independently and even begin to add figurative details.  Older children can illustrate many scenes of Holy Week. 
Red Jesus with Thorns - Adelae

Once the children start illustrating the Passion, ask them to tell you about their drawing. Point out any little detail you notice to encourage conversation.

Early this Lent, my daughter, Adelae, drew a passion picture. Jesus is on the cross, but there is another figure beside Him. "It's me, Adelae. See, I'm wearing a dress!" she explained. She even signed her name at the bottom. I love that she sees herself with Jesus, that they are present together!

After weeks of Lent spent looking at picture books, Lenten worship and Sunday School, learning the hymns of the season and more, I'm going encourage Adelae to draw another picture of Jesus on the cross sometime during this Holy Week. What details will she'll think to include? Will she again draw herself with her Savior?
Jesus with Nails and Dark Clouds
Here are some more pictures she drew this Good Friday ('12).  I hope to find and post some of her older pictures from last year as well.  I would love to see your child's Passion pictures too!

Adelae couldn't believe it when I told her that Jesus wanted to die for us, even though it hurt Him.  Here, Jesus is smiling, happy save us.  He is also wearing a crown - but not with thorns.  A triumphant picture, but you can still see the cross and dots for nail marks on His hands.

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