The green table is moving! I'll begin posting again after we're all set up in our new home!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It was our first big purchase as a newly engaged couple.  $150.00 and the St. Louis antique store marked their chrome legged jade green dinette table “sold”!  10 years and two children later, we live in Naples, FL.   Around our beloved green table, we create, cook, eat and spill, play, pray, learn, sing and celebrate together. Pull up a chair and join us!

I’ve longed to be the Lutheran Martha, a modern day Katherine Luther.   While I don’t brew beer a la Lord Kate, I live the dream every day!  Caring for my family and sharing the love of Christ with our little ones is my privilege and joy!  Here I’ll chronicle our family life together, with an emphasis on teaching the faith in the home. 

Technically, I only own one green table. Counting my turquoise tables would probably be pushing it!  My second table isn't in my home - it is the altar of Grace Lutheran Church - Naples, FL.  Since the vestments are green most of the year, and it is most certainly a life giving table, the focus of our week - I count it as my own!

Dear Kindred Spirits, Welcome to the Table!

Disclaimer:  I hold a Lutheran Teacher’s Degree, but don’t claim to be a theologian. I have a kitchen, but don’t claim to be a chef. I'm a mommy and a wife who fails daily - but lives in grace!


  1. oh i am so excited sarah!!!! i am pretty bad about being creative in teaching the faith to my girls...i can't wait to copy you. :)
    p.s. please post a picture of your table.

  2. Hi Sarah, I enjoyed reading your blog! You need to take a picture of your green table and post it on here.