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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paul's First Missionary Journey

Itty Bitty Lutherans gathered again for Sunday School during this season of Easter to study the book of Acts, chapters 13 and 14. Our little toy boat and ping-pong characters have also resurrected, this time to tell the story of Paul and Barnabas.  Sent out by the Holy Spirit, Paul and Barnabas went to tell people the Good News: Jesus died to save sinners!  Being still quite itty bitty, we didn't get into the details of the magician and stoning, and instead focused on the journey to share the Gospel. 
Paul and Barnabas began their journey by floating their little boat across the pond in the middle of Grace's Memory Garden.  The most amazing thing happened while our boat was floating across the pond - the fountain turned on!  It nearly shipwrecked ping-pong Paul, and certainly reminded me to reinforce that they were led by the Holy Spirit!  

Like Paul and Barnabas, we visited the church sanctuary.  Paul and Barnabas knew that churches, or for them, synagogues, were a good place to tell the story of Jesus. 

As we continued our journey around the church grounds, including in and out of the adult Bible Study, the Itty Bitty Lutherans handed out little crosses cut from glossy magazines.  

The crosses were well received.  Who wouldn't love a drool covered paper cross from a sweet little tot?  Out little ones learned that Paul and Barnabas told people the Good News on their journey, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, they can share the saving love of Jesus too!

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